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    22 Pictures That Prove Grandparents Are The Only People We Should Allow On The World Wide Web

    We should all use Facebook more like our grandparents, tbh.

    1. Rose just wanted a recipe for creamed corn.

    RCGNZR / Via

    2. Gary might have jinxed things with his "happy birthday" message to a friend.

    pie101man / Via

    3. This grandparent had a very unique Facebook system.

    pm_me_all_ur_pelfies / Via

    4. Geraldine just wanted her granddaughter to be kind to Rihanna.

    fl4meingo / Via

    5. Chuck struggled a bit with the speech-to-text function on his phone.

    anonymouspipline / Via

    6. This grandmother apparently thought coconut oil would be the fix for everything.

    Grace-Maree / Via

    7. This grandma had a blunt answer to a fun lil' question.

    littleizrael / Via

    8. This Facebook Marketplace user might want to learn about the backspace key.

    ewolamme / Via

    9. This grandpa had a rather strange reaction to the news of Stephen Hawking's death.

    mazzikmagnar / Via

    10. Alison had a problem that Walmart NEEDED to know about.

    space-milk / Via

    11. This older gentleman thought a Vice article was speaking straight to him.

    berry-pitts / Via

    12. This grandma used her Facebook status to make a very important statement.

    nopenotamish / Via

    13. This grandparent just wanted to downloaf some songs.

    oh-rosie-oh-girl / Via

    14. This new user had to quit a Facebook group because it was keeping her up at night.

    jimmyseashell / Via

    15. Bill had some great recommended reading for anyone with the time.

    begeberg / Via

    16. This aunt found a great way to keep in touch with her nephew via Messenger.

    begeberg / Via

    17. Joan had only 6–8 weeks left until...who knows what.

    jediwillsmith / Via

    18. This grandma might have picked the wrong background for her status.

    pikadrew / Via

    19. This grandma's Facebook bio was a very interesting choice.

    pringlecat221 / Via

    20. Verle tried to wish her grandson a happy birthday, but ended up wishing Zac Efron one instead.

    giantsfan36 / Via

    21. While this grandpa used a "happy birthday" message to deliver some bad news.

    Sgibbons46 / Via

    22. And finally, this grandma had a rather unfortunate misspelling of "clematis."

    surrahh15 / Via

    H/T to r/oldpeoplefacebook.

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