Gordon Ramsay Talked About Eating Guinea Pigs And Why He Can't Serve Them In The US

    "I am telling you now, delicious."

    You've probably seen Gordon Ramsay prepare lots of different meats on TV — steak, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, you name it.

    But in his new National Geographic series, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, the chef revealed a favorite meat of his that you might not expect: guinea pig.

    "You do not know what you're missing," Gordon says of guinea pig meat. "I am telling you now, delicious."

    But according to Gordon, you'll never see guinea pig on the menu at any of his US restaurants.

    "I can't feature roasted guinea pig on my menus here in the US. I would be taken down," he said.

    Now, it's important to note that Gordon made these comments while traveling through Peru, where guinea pig meat is actually a popular food. Here's what guinea pig looks like once it's cooked:

    And here's one way it might be served:

    On the show, Gordon eats a loin cut of guinea pig, which he tells the camera is “pretty good, like a suckling pig.”

    It might be a little surprising for some Americans who think of guinea pigs only as pets — but hey, these things are all relative to our own experiences.

    The more you know!