This Guy Has Gone Massively Viral On TikTok For His Trump And Obama Impressions — And OMG, They're Almost Too Real

    Evan Berger has amassed nearly 2 million followers with his presidential impressions.

    World, meet Evan Berger — a 24-year-old TikToker who is going viral for his INSANELY ACCURATE impressions of Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

    His videos, which have earned him major TikTok fame, show Trump and Obama hanging out in various situations — at a sleepover, playing Scrabble, building a pillow fort. And just BRACE YOURSELF for the accuracy:

    His most viral video, with more than 36 million views, shows Trump and Obama playing hide and seek together, and OMG:

    There's also this gem, where Obama and Trump go coronavirus shopping together:

    And this one, where Trump and Obama are on a reality show:


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    He also does impressions of other politicians, like Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg:

    "I started attempting Obama’s voice around his inauguration in 2009," Berger told BuzzFeed. "The impression was just better than what you’d expect from a 12-year-old, but it was definitely funny enough for my friends to request ad nauseam."

    And when asked how he nailed Trump's, well, rather unusual voice, here's what Berger said:

    The secret is actually his speech pattern — not his voice, which is only slightly raspy. Focus on his ramble structure over his timbre and you’ll be miles ahead. I’ve never heard anyone speak like him, and I’ve heard a lot of people frankly, you wouldn’t believe it...yada yada yada.

    Berger's videos routinely go viral on TikTok, and his killer impressions have earned him nearly 2 million followers.

    "It’s so fun. I love how much people love it," Berger said. "My dad is probably more excited about it than anyone."

    To keep up with all of Berger's hilarious (and terrifying) videos, follow him on TikTok at @heyberg.