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    Emilia Clarke Shared Her Very Uncomfortable Encounter With Beyoncé And It's Honestly Hilarious

    "She was clearly a fan, and I ruined it."

    You know Emilia Clarke — aka Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones.

    Emilia was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the final few episodes of the show. And in her interview, she shared a very awkward encounter with a fan — a fan by the name of Beyoncé.

    "It was the Oscars after-party," Emilia began. "And she voluntarily came up to me!"

    "Like, came up to me, open face, like, 'I wanna talk to this girl. I wanna talk to her.' Me!"

    "And I just messed it up. She was clearly a fan, and I ruined it. I ruined it."

    "How did you ruin it?" Jimmy asked her.

    "I just was like...[makes a weird noise]. I think I started crying."

    "And she's like, 'Hey, this is uncomfortable now. I thought you'd be cool. You're not cool. Bye.'"

    "And I was like, 'No! But can I get you a drink? At your own event?"

    Both Emilia and Jimmy agreed that Beyoncé is the closest thing the real world has to a Khaleesi.

    And as if Emilia's interaction with her wasn't awkward enough — she then revealed that Jay-Z was there to watch the whole thing go down:

    He's like, "Sup?" He witnessed it all. He's like, "Oh, she's gonna mess it up. And there it is. Bye!"

    "And then I just kept trying to find them all night. It didn't work, because I was crying."

    But Emilia told Jimmy she hopes she'll get another shot with Queen B someday.

    You can watch her tell the full story here:

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