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Ellen Asked Reese Witherspoon And Pink If They'd Ever Had Sex In Public And Their Reactions Were Very Different

"I said no follow-up questions."

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Okay, so Reese Witherspoon and Pink were guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday — and when Ellen got them to play a little game of Never Have I Ever, things got amazingly, adorably awkward.

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Ellen started the game with questions about lap dances and faking injuries — nothing too embarrassing. But just when the two ladies were starting to get comfortable, Ellen surprised them with a much more ~scandalous~ question.


We also learned in the game that both Pink and Reese have snooped through their husbands' phones, and that Reese once hooked up with a dude while other people were in the room in college. Gossip!

Here's the video again, in case you want all the ~juicy deets~:

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