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18 People Who Had A Way Worse Easter Than You

Some people's Easters were eggs-tremely bad.

1. This mom who hid her child's Easter basket in the oven, and then completely forgot about it.

2. The kids who received these Easter baskets as an April Fool's prank.

3. This person who was forced to participate in an egg dyeing contest, even though they really didn't want to.

4. This person who forgot to take their chocolate bunny out of the hot car.

5. This person who got sent an "Easter care package" from their mom.

6. This poor kid who bit into their Easter egg — only to find an actual hard-boiled egg hidden inside.

7. This little girl who wasn't allowed to keep all the eggs she found on her hunt.

8. This mom who was a little too tired to actually dye the eggs this year.

9. This grandpa who was forced into wearing pastels — lots and lots of pastels.

10. This grandma who put out an adorable Easter bunny decoration she found at the store.

11. Anyone who participated in this ~annual~ Easter egg hunt.

12. This parent who ordered Easter eggs online and was a little...surprised when they first opened the package...

13. ...and this little kid, who decided to make an "egg tower" as a fun little Easter craft.

14. These siblings who were forced to meet a slightly demonic bunny.

15. This person who just wanted to make some adorable bunny desserts with M&Ms inside...

16. ...and this person who was just trying to make Easter-themed deviled eggs.

17. Whoever had to find this Easter egg, hidden in plain sight.

18. And finally: this mildly terrified dog.