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18 People Who Had A Way Worse Easter Than You

Some people's Easters were eggs-tremely bad.

1. This mom who hid her child's Easter basket in the oven, and then completely forgot about it.

booksinbed / Via

2. The kids who received these Easter baskets as an April Fool's prank.

0pportunistic / Via

3. This person who was forced to participate in an egg dyeing contest, even though they really didn't want to.

pattmost20 / Via

4. This person who forgot to take their chocolate bunny out of the hot car.

SUperFishy / Via

5. This person who got sent an "Easter care package" from their mom.

meradav / Via

6. This poor kid who bit into their Easter egg — only to find an actual hard-boiled egg hidden inside.

ktkvd / Via

7. This little girl who wasn't allowed to keep all the eggs she found on her hunt.

allnunstoport / Via

8. This mom who was a little too tired to actually dye the eggs this year.

Giadkra / Via

9. This grandpa who was forced into wearing pastels — lots and lots of pastels.

Abacazam / Via

10. This grandma who put out an adorable Easter bunny decoration she found at the store.

KeepJoePantsOn / Via

11. Anyone who participated in this ~annual~ Easter egg hunt.

annnnnnnnulik / Via

12. This parent who ordered Easter eggs online and was a little...surprised when they first opened the package...

kereth / Via

13. ...and this little kid, who decided to make an "egg tower" as a fun little Easter craft.

nonameisgood / Via

14. These siblings who were forced to meet a slightly demonic bunny.

_loathed / Via

15. This person who just wanted to make some adorable bunny desserts with M&Ms inside...

virulentcode / Via

16. ...and this person who was just trying to make Easter-themed deviled eggs.

Ladydevann / Via

17. Whoever had to find this Easter egg, hidden in plain sight.

pizza395johnny / Via

18. And finally: this mildly terrified dog.

OMW2FYB1994 / Via