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    People Are Revealing The Dumbest Ways They've Accidentally Hurt Themselves And I Feel Seen

    "Broke my toe on bubble bath."

    Let's face it: Most of us are at least a ~little~ bit clumsy. And we've all probably suffered an injury or two as a result.

    So Twitter user and writer Eleanor Penny posed a question to the internet: What's the dumbest way you've accidentally hurt yourself?

    Your personal brand is the most stupid way in which you’ve accidentally injured yourself.

    And the answers, my friends, are a little too real.

    Some people seem to have managed the impossible with their injuries:

    Like, their injuries seem to defy the laws of physics:

    And as it turns out, human clumsiness knows no bounds.

    More than a few people have stories about punching themselves in the face.

    It turns out that if you're clumsy enough, no occupation is safe from danger:

    And even the most harmless activities have sent people to the hospital:

    Some people's mistakes are actually kind of understandable:

    While other folks' mistakes...are less understandable:

    This person's injury was so ironic, Alanis Morissette would be proud.

    But hey. At the end of the day, we're only human!

    We make mistakes!

    And as long as we get a good story out of it, that's all that matters, right?

    So, what's YOUR dumbest injury story? We've all got one — so share yours in the comments. I promise not to judge!