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    Drake Just Bought A $400,000 iPhone Case And I Have So Many Questions

    Did he only do this because of "Hotline Bling"?

    This week, Drake bought himself a nice lil' treat: an 18-karat white gold diamond-studded iPhone case worth a reported $400,000.

    The jeweler who created the case uploaded some images of it to Instagram, and...holy moly! It sparkles.

    Honestly, I am very happy for Drake and his enormous bank account!!! But as a regular, disgusting poor person whose iPhone case cost a reported $10, I do have some questions about this. Here we go.

    1. What happens when Apple releases an entirely new phone in six months?

    2. Did Drake only buy this because he released a song called "Hotline Bling"?

    3. Do diamonds provide much protection in terms of dropping your phone on the ground?

    4. Do you think the jeweler threw in a free screen protector just in case?

    5. Does Drake know you can get a $5 phone case at literally any mall kiosk?

    6. What happens if Drake leaves the phone in the back of an Uber? Does the Uber driver just get to keep it and...retire?

    7. What is the logic behind protecting a $1,000 phone with a $400,000 case? It would be cheaper for Drake to just throw his phone in the garbage and get a new one every single day for a year.

    8. How HEAVY is that thing? It looks heavy.

    9. How does a person actually pay $400,000 for something? Check? Money order? Kohl's Cash? What the heck is Drake's credit limit?

    10. Are rich people maybe...running out of ideas for things to buy?

    11. Do you think Drake would ever buy me? I am way cheaper than that phone case, TBH.

    12. And finally, do you think Drake has AppleCare?

    So many things to ponder!!!