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24 Pictures Of Things Before And After Donald Trump Touched Them

Here's what four years of Trump will do to a country.

1. Here's the Capitol on Day 1 of Trump's presidency...

Invited guests sitting at the Capitol inauguration on a clear day no social distancing
Alex Wong / Getty Images

2. ...and here's the Capitol on Day 1,447 of his presidency:

Insurrectionists storm the Capitol waving US and Trump flags as smoke billows through the night air
Probal Rashid / Getty Images

3. Here are the steps where Trump got sworn in on Day 1...

Trump delivering his inaugural speech
Alex Wong / Getty Images

4. ...and here are those same steps on Day 1,447:

Smoke flowing into the air as Trump-supporting insurrectionists breach the Capitol steps
Samuel Corum / Getty Images

5. Here's Trump on Day 1 of his presidency, going to Mass at St. John's Church...

Donald Trump greeting a clergyman as Melania Trump looks on
The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

6. ...and here's that same church on Day 1,229, after Trump ordered police to use tear gas on Black Lives Matter protesters so he could do a photo shoot in front of it:

Smoke fills the air in front of security officials in riot gear as they try to disperse a crowd
Jose Luis Magana / Getty Images

7. Here's Trump on Day 1, swearing on a Bible...

Trump taking the oath of office with his hand on a Bible being held by his wife Melania
Mark Ralston / Getty Images

8. ...and here's Trump on Day 1,229, holding up a Bible in front of St. John's Church for his photo shoot:

Trump holding up a Bible as he poses for a photo opp
Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images

9. Here's a shot of the Capitol on Day 1 of Trump's term...

Crowds fill the Mall in front of the Capitol
Mark Makela / Getty Images

10. ...and here's what the Capitol looked like on Day 1,210, after Trump said he "[doesn't] take responsibility at all" for his administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic:

A large sign featuring Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence says "Trump's Failure, Our Loss"
Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

11. Here's Trump on Day 40 of his term, walking through the door of the House Chamber to deliver his first address to Congress...

Pool / Getty Images

12. ...and here's Day 1,447 in the House Chamber as police pointed guns at insurrectionists attempting to enter through that very same door:

Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call Inc. via Getty Images

13. Here's Day 40 again as Trump smiled up at the gallery during his first congressional address...

Pool / Getty Images

14. ...and here's that gallery on Day 1,447 as members of Congress hid from terrorists whom Trump incited:

Members of Congress check on in each other's safety as the terrorists breached the Capitol
Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call Inc. via Getty Images

15. Back to Day 1, here's a Trump supporter wrapped in a "Trump" flag...

Two women take a picture with the support wrapped in a "Trump" flag
Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images

16. ...and on Day 1,447, a terrorist wrapped himself in a "Trump" flag and took over the Senate Chamber:

He checks his phone as a woman beside him holds a sign that says "The Children Cry Out for Justice"
Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

17. Here's Trump on Day 1 as he bid the Obamas goodbye on a Marine helicopter...

Pool / Getty Images

18. ...and here's Trump on Day 1,352, boarding his own Marine helicopter to the hospital after he hosted a super-spreader event at the White House and contracted COVID-19:

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

19. Here's the Capitol on Day 0 of Trump's presidency. The night before he was inaugurated, the building was secured with a chain-link fence...

A sign on the chain-link fence warns "Area Closed" as the Capitol is illuminated in the background
Noam Galai / WireImage / Getty Images

20. ...and here's the Capitol before Joe Biden's inauguration, which now must be protected by 25,000 armed members of the National Guard:

Samuel Corum / Getty Images

21. Here's a shot from Day 1 of Trump's term as he walked through the hallways of the Capitol...

Pool / Getty Images

22. ...and here's what the hallways of the Capitol looked like on Day 1,447:

A man holding a Confederate flag strolls through the Capitol halls
Saul Loeb / Getty Images

23. And finally, here's the National Mall on Day 1 of Trump's term as a scattered crowd gathered to watch his swearing-in...

Alex Wong / Getty Images

24. ...and here's the National Mall on Day 1,461, with 200,000 flags placed on the ground to honor the 400,000 American lives lost to the coronavirus pandemic. (The memorial was put together by Biden; Trump has remained mostly silent on these deaths.)

Susan Walsh / Getty Images