James Corden Pranked David Beckham With An Ugly Statue Of Himself And Things Got Awkward

    "If my kids were to see this, I think they'd just cry."

    Okay. SO. David Beckham was just honored with a big ol' statue of himself — courtesy of his former team, LA Galaxy.

    But before Beckham was shown the REAL version of that statue, he was shown a fake — and very ugly — version of it. Little did he know, James Corden was behind the entire thing. And y'all...things got awkward FAST.

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    First, just to make sure David was in a particularly salty mood before the big reveal, James sent in an actor posing as a fan to piss him off. The "fan" kept calling him "Dave" (which he hates) and got the name of his team wrong.

    Then LA Galaxy's president, Chris Klein, gave a little toast to Beckham, and showed a reel of "highlights" from his career. But a few lowlights snuck their way into that reel as well, including missed goals, fights, and ejections from games.

    And now that Beckham was properly annoyed, it was time to unveil the statue to him. Please enjoy this monstrosity:

    Needless to say, Beckham was not pleased.

    But it was PARTICULARLY awkward for him, because the "artist" who created the statue (another actor) was standing right next to him.

    So he tried his best to politely articulate some things that needed fixing. Like the gigantic ass...

    The demon eyes...

    The oversized chin...

    And the inexplicably long arms.

    He was pretty upset about the entire thing.

    And though he tried his best to be polite, his stress was PALPABLE.

    Suffice it to say, he was VERY relieved when it all turned out to be fake.

    The whole thing was equally hilarious and awkward to witness. You can check out the full video here:

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