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    Chris Pratt Broke His Silence On His "Worst Chris" Backlash In A Series Of Jokes On Instagram

    "Who's the better Chris? It's one of them."

    Two months ago, Chris Pratt found himself trending on Twitter — for a rather unfortunate reason. A viral meme asked people to pick the worst Hollywood Chris, and a lot of people were quick to single out the Guardians of the Galaxy star.

    In fact, so many people chose Pratt that his name became a top trending topic on Twitter...

    the fact that chris pratt is trending because of the amount of people naming him the worst chris is sending me 😭

    ...And people started joking that they would choose Pratt, no matter what their "one has to go" choices were.

    The viral moment also brought up conversations about Pratt's affiliation with Hillsong Church — a group that, as reported by the Daily Beast, has a history of anti-LGBTQ practices, including conversion therapy and banning gay people from leadership roles.

    Well, Pratt has stayed silent on this whole "worst Chris" backlash...until now. In a video on Instagram, Pratt acknowledged the situation while talking about his participation in the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League — a star-studded league being run for charity that also happens to include Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

    "I made it into the finals! I'm in the finals!" Pratt shared on Instagram. "I was picked last. It was very traumatic. Anyone who's been picked last knows how that feels."

    "I snuck two very, very close victories off, the most recent one being Chris Evans. He beat Chris Hemsworth last week."

    "So I guess we finally put an end to that debate...Who's the better Chris?" Pratt said, before adding: "It's one of them."

    "I do have them in body fat content though, so I am more buoyant. Take that, gang," he concluded.

    The other Hollywood Chrises have yet to respond to Pratt's comments, but we'll update you if they do.