Cadbury Mini Eggs Are The Only Good Thing About Spring And We Need To Talk About It

    They're the REASON for the SEASON.

    There are lots of things that people look forward to in the spring: birds chirping, flowers blooming, warmer weather, yada yada yada.

    But frankly, I don't care about any of that. Because to me, there's only ONE part of this season that's actually worth celebrating and that is Cadbury Mini Eggs.

    Now, for the uninitiated, allow me to explain. Every year come springtime, Cadbury releases THESE bad boys.

    They're little egg-shaped balls of milk chocolate, coated with a thick (and delightfully crunchy) sugar shell. Imagine M&M's on steroids.

    It's hard to understand if you haven't tried one, but Cadbury Mini Eggs are the best fucking candy in the world. And the people who know it...KNOW it.

    If you've celebrated Easter before, perhaps you've experienced the joy of finding these guys buried deep inside your Easter basket.

    And if you haven't celebrated Easter before, perhaps you've experienced the joy of...buying them at a store! It really doesn't matter HOW you acquire them, as long as you do so before summer rolls around and Cadbury takes them away from us all for another year.

    To be clear, this is not a sponsored message. Cadbury is not paying me to say this. They do not know I am writing this. My only responsibility here is to tell the TRUTH, and the truth is quite simple: Cadbury Mini Eggs are pretty much the only good thing about spring.

    Let's face it: Spring is overrated. It rains half the time, your allergies go crazy, and you keep trying to wear shorts even though it's still too cold for shorts. Spring kinda blows!

    But when you walk into a store and see Cadbury Mini Eggs on the know everything is gonna be okay.

    And while these candies might not have all the fame and glory of a Reese's Egg or a motherfreakin' Peep, Cadbury Mini Eggs ARE the best Easter candy out there. That's just a fact.

    Cadbury Mini Eggs are the REASON for the SEASON.

    Happy Cadbury Mini Egg season, everyone!!!