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    Bus Drivers Are Sharing Their Dirty Little Secrets And It's Honestly Kinda Shocking

    "When y'all are having sex in the back, I can tell."

    This week, a Reddit thread asked bus drivers to share all the juicy secrets, tips, and tricks of their trade that passengers don't know about.

    The thread quickly went viral, as more and more bus drivers started spilling their secrets. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "If you clip your nails on my bus, I will kick you the fuck off it. That is just plain disgusting."

    2. "WE CANNOT PICK YOU UP IF YOU AREN'T AT THE STOP. Seriously, we can be reprimanded or fired for such an action. Don't get mad."


    3. "Please stay seated. I sometimes have to apply the brakes, and if you are standing or switching seats you could be injured. Which means I have paperwork to do."


    4. "My dad services buses for the CTA here in Chicago and the amount of nasty things he's had to clean up for people is insane. Things like condoms, rotten food, and used needles. Please remember that the bus is not your personal trashcan — someone has to clean that mess up."

    5. "Once the doors are closed and we’re pulling away, it’s too dangerous to re-open the doors and let you on. We’re not being dicks by driving off. Too many accidents happen when people ignore this and it’s the driver who gets the blame."


    6. "We are not a tourist information hub."


    7. "When y'all are fucking in the back, I can tell."

    8. "Your driver is not answering you because their 'do not speak to the driver' sign is up."


    9. "Hearing music on the bus sucks because 99% of time it's not music we like. Shut that shit off, and don't you dare get upset when the operator asks you to be a decent human being and turn it off."


    10. "Please know I not only hear you and your private business, but I can also smell you..."

    11. "Push the button for your stop at least a block or two before we actually get there. Signaling as we pass your stop is pointless, because buses can’t stop on a dime."


    12. "My biggest problem is with other drivers on the road. It's like no one understands how to drive around bigger vehicles."


    13. "Don't expect me to be an oracle or get pissed that I don't know where every side street or pub is."

    14. "If you are running for a bus and the driver stops for you, DON'T SLOW DOWN AND START @#%ING WALKING."


    15. "After getting off the bus, don’t cross in front of us! Either cross behind us or wait for us to pass. It’s too easy for us to run you over."


    16. "Buses can't fly. We're late because of traffic."

    17. "If there's more than one service for your bus stop, make sure you flag your bus down. We won't automatically stop just because you're standing there. Especially if we're late."


    18. "I want to keep my job, so when people break the rules I have to do something. My bus has eight cameras with full audio and they investigate every complaint. All it takes is one call saying someone was breaking the rules and the bus driver did nothing."


    19. "We don't get bathroom breaks. Once I had the rhinovirus and had to wear adult diapers."

    20. "We appreciate it when you shout a 'thank you!' or a 'have a nice day' to us. We're people too, you know."


    And finally...

    21. "I wish passengers knew I have the power to kill them all."

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.