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    People Are Just Finding Out That Blue From "Blue's Clues" Gets Email Instead Of Letters Now And They're Very Upset

    "Is there no honor left? Is nothing SACRED?"

    If you're a child of the '90s or '00s, then you SURELY grew up watching Blue's Clues — and you probably know all the words to the iconic song "Mail Time," which Steve sang whenever he was getting ready to open his letters.


    Well, last year, Nickelodeon rebooted Blue's Clues with a new host, Josh (who is, frankly, adorable). And while much of what made the old show special has carried over into the current version, there is one major change to "Mail Time" that has millennials and Gen Z'ers VERY UPSET.


    Specifically, people are disturbed to learn that Blue gets emails now. This fact was first brought to the internet's attention thanks to @MissLady_Leah, whose tweet on the subject has gone massively viral:

    I want y’all people with no kids to know.... Blues Clues gets emails instead of letters now.

    Don't believe it? Here's a clip of Josh doing "Mail Time." He opens up Mailbox, finds nothing inside, and then breaks into a brand-new song: "We just got an email."

    View this video on YouTube

    Oh, and that's not the only technological update to the show. Josh reads his emails right off of his "handy-dandy notebook," which is actually a tablet now:

    All of these changes are making people feel very, very old:

    @MissLady_Leah Well I’ll be damned.... They didnt have to call us old so loudly

    Some are feeling downright betrayed:

    @MissLady_Leah “We just got an email” don’t even slide off the tongue like “we just got a letter” I can’t sing that

    @MissLady_Leah @simmaaz I feel ......disrespected? Is there no honor left? Is nothing SACRED?

    @MissLady_Leah Me when we make advances in technology: This is amazing! Me when a childhood show starts advancing as well:

    And more than a few people are feeling bad for poor Mailbox, who might be out of a job now:

    @MissLady_Leah @DatDionDude THEN WHAT IS THE POINT OF MAILBOX?!!!

    @MystSanity19 @MissLady_Leah Gotta love how they still make Mailbox come inside to witness himself being replaced lol

    @TheGrungeWitch @MystSanity19 @MissLady_Leah

    Listen, I'm sure the new Blue's Clues is wonderful, and it makes sense to update things for the world we live in today! Still, I'm gonna need a minute to process this information. Please respect my privacy during this time.

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