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    Billie Eilish Was Asked For Her Thoughts On Anti-Abortion Laws And She Did Not Hold Back

    "Men should not make women's choices."

    You know Billie Eilish — singer, songwriter, and all-around Gen Z icon.

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    Billie was honored with the Vanguard Award at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday. And when Variety asked her for her thoughts on the restrictive anti-choice laws that have recently been passed in states like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri, the singer did not hold back.

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    “Honestly, I can’t even look at my phone,” she said. “I have no words for the bitches in the fucking White House.”

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    "It’s so unbelievable. It makes me, like, red. It makes my ears fucking steam out of my head."

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    "Women should say, should do, and feel, and be exactly what they want," she continued.

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    "There should be nobody else telling them how to live their life, how to do shit. It just makes me so mad that if I start talking about it, I won’t stop."

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    "Men should not make women’s choices — that’s all I have to say," she concluded.

    You can read the Variety interview here.

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