Beyoncé Is Embarrassed By Her Mother On Social Media And Honestly Same

    "If my kids had their way, I wouldn't be on Instagram."

    This is Tina Knowles Lawson — mother, grandmother, and (if you follow her on social media) the greatest comedian of our time.

    Tina may have over a million adoring fans on Instagram, but it turns out at least one person is NOT here for Mama K's selfies and corny jokes: her daughter, Beyoncé.

    "If my kids had their way, I wouldn't be on Instagram. I wouldn't be on any social media," she recently told Entertainment Tonight.

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    "Do they hate it?" the reporter asked, to which Tina replied:

    "From time to time, she will do that foot-in-the-mouth thing," her husband Richard said. "And it will be completely embarrassing...and then you'll get that phone call: 'Mom.'"

    Tina explained that she also has a bad habit of accidentally live-streaming things without realizing it.

    "And I'm like, huh? I don't even know how I did that!"

    "I make mistakes, but I'm just real about it," Tina concluded. "That's what 60-year-old moms do on social media. So everyone can relate to that, because they're like, 'My mom does the same thing.'"

    Be nice to your mother, Beyoncé!!! THE WOMAN IS A NATIONAL TREASURE.

    In the interview, Tina also gave the scoop on Beyoncé's twins, Sir and Rumi.

    Here's one more of Tina's corny jokes for the road: