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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About The Beyoncé Birth Rumors

    "Happy Father's Day to Beyoncé only."

    The internet was profoundly shook when Beyoncé announced in February she was pregnant with twins.

    And now with multiple outlets, including TMZ and People, reporting that the pop icon has given birth, the internet ~hath been shooketh~ once again.

    everyone glued to their phones waiting for Beyonce's twins pic like

    Mind you, Beyoncé and Jay Z have yet to confirm the news themselves (and their reps haven't returned repeated requests for comment).

    Beyoncés twins are here when Beyoncé confirms it

    But that hasn't stopped some fans from celebrating:

    beyoncé twins gonna be studio ready before they develop object permanence

    Some Beyoncé stans feel very, uh, personally connected to her twins:

    Let me see my niece and nephew @beyonce.

    All I want it for Beyoncé to make me the god father of these two twins😭😭😭

    While others are just excited about the possibility of Gemini Carters:

    The Carter Twins are Geminis omfg Beyoncé really hits the mark every time

    I need to see Beyoncé's twins birth charts immediately.

    People were quick to note how lucky these two kids are gonna be:

    beyonce's twins after they're born and see their mama:

    When Beyoncé's twins realise who they came out of:

    And Father's Day has been officially dedicated to Beyoncé, and Beyoncé alone:

    Don't forget to call your dad and remind him to congratulate Beyoncé.

    Still, fans want the pics STAT:

    #Beyonce, sweetie. I know you're in recovery, but where are the pics? We've been pregnant with you for too long, ho…

    One fan has a pretty compelling theory about how the official announcement will be made:

    Beyoncé is gonna post Jay holding the twins for Fathers Day

    But some have pointed out this isn't good news for EVERYONE:

    Beyoncé and Jay Z welcome twins, but Blue Ivy just lost 2/3 of her inheritance #SundayMorning

    Beyoncé: Blue meet your new siblings Blue Ivy:

    Blue Ivy meeting #Beyonce's twins for the first time

    Some fans really wish they could visit Bey in the hospital:

    me sneaking in the hospital to visit #Beyonce and her twins

    Me walking into Beyoncé delivery room to see the twins

    Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles, seemed to confirm the twins' birth in a tweet:

    They're here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday

    But fans were quick to point out that the pair have had a rocky relationship — and it's not official 'til it comes from Beyoncé herself.

    @MathewKnowles they aren't here until beyoncé tells us they're here

    In fact, many fans would like to wait for Beyoncé's confirmation before celebrating, thankyouverymuch:

    everybody: the twins are here. me: I'll wait for Beyoncé to tell us FROM HER OWN MOUTH about Houston & Brooklyn.

    Which, as this Twitter user pointed out, is exactly what Queen Bey has taught us to do:

    I love how Beyoncé has put herself in such a position that her fans won't believe anything about her life unless it comes straight from her.

    In the meantime, we'll just have to keep furiously refreshing her Instagram.