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    People Are Sharing The Embarrassing Things They Don't Know How To Do And It's So Real

    "I only know how to tie my shoes using the bunny ears method."

    Let's face it: Even the smartest people among us probably have a thing or two that they CANNOT DO, no matter how hard they try.

    That's why Reddit user Buckcheeks posed a question to the internet: "What is something that MOST adults can do, but you, for whatever reason, cannot pull off?"

    The thread quickly went viral, as more and more people started chiming in with all the basic life skills they simply do not possess. Here are some things that your fellow adults cannot do:

    1. "Swallow pills."

    2. "Remember people's names moments after they’ve just told me."


    3. "Directions. I feel like I still have to use GPS when other people can name street signs, cardinal directions, or highways better than I can."


    4. "I only know how to tie my shoes using the bunny ears method. The one loop method is too complex for me, apparently."

    5. "Tie a fucking balloon!"


    6. "Whistle."


    7. "Shuffle a deck of cards. I have had so many people try to teach me and I just can't get those fucking things to fall individually and between one another. I gave up a long time ago."

    8. "Pronounce the word 'rural.'"


    9. "I can't roll my Rs."


    10. "Call someone to set up an appointment. Or even pick up calls from strangers in general."

    11. "Decorate. I have no sense of color or style. Every place I've ever lived I had always looked like I just moved in, yet somehow messy."


    12. "Wake up on time."


    13. "Anticipate weather changes. I know that, like, weather apps and the Weather Channel exist, but I never think to check, and I never have a jacket or umbrella with me when I need them."

    14. "Fold a fitted sheet."


    15. "Tear Saran wrap. I despise those shitty boxes and their shitty serrated edges. I end up bunching it all up and having to pull the bunch all apart, by which time it refuses to cling to the bowl."


    16. "Parallel goddamn parking."


    17. "Small talk. I absolutely loathe conversations that go nowhere and that I know are just filler so that the other person can fill an awkward silence."

    18. "Wrap a package. Gifts from me look like they were wrapped by a pack of squirrels. Thank god for gift bags."


    19. "Taxes. I just don’t understand anything to do with taxes."


    20. "Use eyedrops. Every time I try, my eye snaps shut and I end up hitting a closed eyelid."

    21. "Tie a tie. I can't figure out the knot and I don't want to be the plebeian wearing clip-ons."


    22. "Childproof caps."


    23. "Flip eggs, or nearly anything, in a skillet without making a fantastic mess of the whole thing."

    And finally...

    24. "Automatically tell my left from my right."


    Okay, so what basic life skills do YOU lack? Personally, I can't snap and it's very embarrassing!!! So please, 'fess up to your own shortcomings in the comments.