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    19 Parking Jobs That Are So Bad They're Almost Good

    We can put a man on the moon, but we still can't figure out how to park.

    1. This driver who straight-up parked at a stop sign and then walked away.

    byecarbonate / Via

    2. This driver who is technically correct, but also very wrong.

    windsock217 / Via

    3. This driver who just...parked right in the middle of the lot and went into a store. Spots be damned!

    TweedleBeetleBattle / Via

    4. This driver who blocked the damn path to an emergency helicopter landing pad.

    punjabidj / Via

    5. This driver who parked in the middle of an ATM drive-thru and then went inside the bank to use the bathroom.

    gogen / Via

    6. This driver who could not be bothered to straighten out their parking job before walking away — and is probably gonna come back to a smashed bumper.

    CrazyCooter22 / Via

    7. This driver who thought the shopping cart corral was a reasonable place to park.

    somepuertoricanguy85 / Via

    8. All of these drivers. All of them.

    Ahomelessninja / Via

    9. This driver who parked just a little too far away from the curb (yes, that car is PARKED).

    joe4553 / Via

    10. This driver who blocked someone's driveway so now they can't leave the house.

    Caboose4life / Via

    11. This driver who took up not one, but two handicapped spots without a permit — in front of a nursing home, no less.

    FoxSanjuro / Via

    12. This driver who apparently doesn't realize their Hummer is the exact opposite of a "compact" car.

    Thbbbt_Thbbbt / Via

    13. This driver who took up two spots for their car...

    chornu / Via

    14. ...and this driver who took up three spots for their car...

    Internet_Is_A_Lie / Via

    15. ...and this driver who somehow managed to take up FOUR (4!!!) spots for their car.

    Gawzeh / Via

    16. This driver who thought it was okay to just block someone else in while they shop.


    17. All of these drivers, frankly.

    Rmmaar2020 / Via

    18. The driver of this silver who for some reason parked INCHES away from the red truck, even though there's a wide-open parking lot around them.

    Marquetan / Via

    19. And finally, there's this driver, who apparently could not muster the energy to pull all the way into the spot. SO CLOSE!!!

    T3NF1BY32 / Via

    H/t to r/mildlyinfuriating.

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