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    19 Parking Jobs That Are So Bad They're Almost Good

    We can put a man on the moon, but we still can't figure out how to park.

    1. This driver who straight-up parked at a stop sign and then walked away.

    2. This driver who is technically correct, but also very wrong.

    3. This driver who just...parked right in the middle of the lot and went into a store. Spots be damned!

    4. This driver who blocked the damn path to an emergency helicopter landing pad.

    5. This driver who parked in the middle of an ATM drive-thru and then went inside the bank to use the bathroom.

    6. This driver who could not be bothered to straighten out their parking job before walking away — and is probably gonna come back to a smashed bumper.

    7. This driver who thought the shopping cart corral was a reasonable place to park.

    8. All of these drivers. All of them.

    9. This driver who parked just a little too far away from the curb (yes, that car is PARKED).

    10. This driver who blocked someone's driveway so now they can't leave the house.

    11. This driver who took up not one, but two handicapped spots without a permit — in front of a nursing home, no less.

    12. This driver who apparently doesn't realize their Hummer is the exact opposite of a "compact" car.

    13. This driver who took up two spots for their car...

    14. ...and this driver who took up three spots for their car...

    15. ...and this driver who somehow managed to take up FOUR (4!!!) spots for their car.

    16. This driver who thought it was okay to just block someone else in while they shop.

    17. All of these drivers, frankly.

    18. The driver of this silver who for some reason parked INCHES away from the red truck, even though there's a wide-open parking lot around them.

    19. And finally, there's this driver, who apparently could not muster the energy to pull all the way into the spot. SO CLOSE!!!

    H/t to r/mildlyinfuriating.