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    Ariana Grande's New Teaser For "Thank U, Next" Is Here And It's Everything Your '90s Kid Heart Ever Wanted

    She (bent and) snapped.

    Hi. If you've been on the internet at all in the past few days, you're probably well aware that Ariana's "Thank U, Next" video is coming tomorrow, and it's gonna be CHOCK FULL O' REFERENCES to your favorite teen movies.

    Well, Ariana just released a sneak peek video of the video, and y'all...the '90s kid in me is dead on the floor right now.

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    It starts with a tribute to the classic ~toothbrush scene~ in Bring It On — alongside her friend and Victorious costar, Matt Bennett.

    Ariana Grande / Universal

    We'll be getting PLENTY of iconic Legally Blonde looks, too.

    Ariana Grane / MGM

    Elle Woods is BACK!

    Ariana Grande / MGM

    It looks like the ~bend and snap~ will be resurrected.

    Ariana Grande / MGM

    And Jennifer Coolidge, aka Elle Wood's BFF Paulette, will be making a cameo as well.

    Look at these new friends on set!!!

    Ariana Grande

    It also seems like 13 Going on 30 will be getting a shoutout, because this dollhouse shot sure looks familiar.

    Ariana Grande / Columbia Pictures

    And, as we learned from her last teaser, Mean Girls will play a starring role in the vid. Regina George's bedroom was perfectly recreated for the shoot.

    Ariana Grande / Paramount

    Some former Mean Girls cast members, including Jonathan Bennett aka Aaron Samuels, will come back to reprise their old roles.

    And, of course, no Mean Girls tribute would be complete without a Burn Book reference.

    Ariana Grande / Paramount

    You can watch the full sneak peek here. RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!!

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