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People With Penises Are Sharing What They Hate About Them, And It Is Way Too Real

"Size drastically fluctuates based on temperature."

Recently, Reddit user u/mackenziesarah12 posed a question to the internet: "What’s the most annoying thing about having a penis?"

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The question quickly went viral, prompting nearly 20,000 responses from users. Here are some things that people really hate about their dicks:

1. "It's a weak spot that EVERYONE knows about."


2. "Having to wear tight underwear to keep it from putting on a show when I'm wearing thin pants."


3. "Sometimes when you try to ignore a boner, it just gets harder to the point where it hurts."


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4. "Having to guard it with your hand so it doesn't touch the inside of a toilet bowl when you try to take a shit."


5. "When it hits the wall of the toilet. It’s one thing when you’re at home, but god forbid it happens in a public toilet. At that point it’s, 'I literally have to cut this off now.'"


6. "Being judged for its size (by people of both sexes), something which there is absolutely nothing you can do about."


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7. "Probably the personal anxiety most boys get during their pubescent years (and after) about whether or not it's 'big enough,' even though the vast majority has nothing to worry about because they're in the completely normal range. The fact that porn typically features men with almost abnormally large penises doesn't help, nor does the fact that it's a pretty taboo subject to talk about with, say, friends and family. The size is also typically fixated on length, whereas width gets often overlooked."


8. "Do people with vaginas get wet without being horny? Because holy shit, it's so damn annoying to get random erections for literally no reason. This thing has a life of its own."


9. "Finding pants that fit comfortably in the front. Not kidding or embellishing. This is a real issue unless we wear sweats or PJs."


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10. "After you cum, despite your best effort to clean and get all the cum out, it will continue to dribble out for at least five minutes afterward, so you get a ton of it on your underwear."


11. "The constant irrational fear that it will somehow get cut off in some unimaginable way."


12. "Size drastically fluctuates based on temperature. Also, laying on your stomach doesn’t feel the greatest."


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13. "It stands at attention at the weirdest times."


14. "When you have to do that awkward shuffle to fix its position."


15. "Sometimes when I piss the stream forks and now I’m hitting the toilet and my leg."


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16. "Not being sure what direction the first few drops of pee will take."


17. "Cold hands during winter and having to go pee."


18. "The bit of pee that gets stuck in the tubes and comes out when you put it back in your pants."


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19. "Sometimes you give it a shake after peeing, then put it back in your pants and apparently you didn't shake enough and whoops, you now have anywhere from a few drops to a nice warm tablespoon of pee in your pants. Now imagine you're wearing gray sweatpants and you can't hide it."


20. "Trying to pee with morning wood and you need to stand like the leaning tower of Pisa."


21. "Junk just gets funky sometimes, no matter how hygienic you are. Some baby powder and air goes a long way."


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22. "Sometimes getting an erection that's so hard it can be nearly painful. Or not be able to get it up for sex, even though you're super into the person and attracted to them. I'm not talking ED issues either, just once in a while it doesn't want to perform, and it can be awkward."


23. "Can’t have an orgasm without a bunch of white stuff coming out."


24. "When you feel it rubbing against your pants when you’re running."


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25. "Have you ever had a dog that was really pushy about wanting you to pet them, but you don’t really want to at the moment? It’s like that."


26. "It can influence some really poor decisions."


And finally...

27. "I’d say the dick isn’t the worst part. Balls are 100x worse."


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You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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