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An Artist Drew SpongeBob As A Real-Life Human And I'm Canceling The Internet

Some things are better left unseen.

So, SpongeBob SquarePants is kind of adorable, right?

And his best friend Patrick Star — he's pretty lovable, too!

Well, unfortunately for you, 3D artist Miguel Vasquez just had to go and draw what SpongeBob and Patrick would look like IRL. And the results, naturally, are pretty fucking terrifying:

Here's Humanized-SpongeBob, real up close and personal for ya:

And Humanized-Patrick. Go ahead and burn this image deep inside your brain:

After Twitter user Max Goof shared Vasquez's images yesterday, the internet promptly responded with a resounding NOPE:

why patrick look like king kong fucked the thumbs from spy kids https://t.co/4H6QFDpWZs

idk what's going on but i need a hug from my mom https://t.co/zHgo6aevpX

While others pointed out that we already know what SpongeBob and Patrick look like IRL:

Vasquez told BuzzFeed that he's been obsessed with real-life renderings of cartoons for years, and finally decided to try it on his own. Well, uh, mission extremely accomplished, Miguel.

And when asked what he'd say to the millions of internet users who will never sleep again because of this, the artist's response was pretty simple: "That was the plan all along."