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I'm Obsessed With Jennifer Lawrence Harassing Amy Schumer Via Text

Stars: They text just like us.

In case you didn't know, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are very close friends IRL.

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They co-wrote a movie together, they hang out often, and Jennifer even attended Amy's wedding — where she sobbed through the entire ceremony.

Jennifer was apparently catching up on The Handmaid's Tale recently, and she needed help remembering a key plot detail.


So what did she do? She texted her BFF for help. But Amy — who gave birth to a baby boy last month — was understandably busy.

And when Amy finally checked her phone, she shared the screenshots of everything JLaw said on her Instagram story. The messages started normally enough:


But Jennifer quickly grew impatient with Amy's lack of reply:


She needed ANSWERS!!! We've all been this friend, tbh:


She even started picking a feud with Amy's month-old baby:


Before finally giving up all hope:


The good news for Jennifer is, Amy WAS awake. And eventually gave her the answer she so desperately needed:


"Everybody keeping their cool about me having a baby," Schumer captioned the exchange.

Stars: They annoy their friends via text just like the rest of us.


Here's the exchange in full. Also, I'm obsessed with the fact that Jennifer is saved in Amy's phone as "Jlaw."


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