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Amy Adams Opened Up About The Time She Had To Defend Her Stand-In From Being Handled Roughly On Set

"You will not handle her like that."

Amy Adams. You know her, you love her.

Amy just gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, where she talked about the process of filming her upcoming HBO series, Sharp Objects.

And in the interview, Amy tells a story about how she used her own privilege on set to protect her stand-in from being handled with aggression.

Amy's Sharp Objects character has scars all over her body from self-harm — so both Amy and her stand-in had to be completely covered in prosthetics:

....I had this amazing stand-in, Reb, who they also scarred up because Jean-Marc wanted to see it and she would stand there every day, too. She was fantastic, and she also put up with a lot 'cause she wasn't getting the sort of catharsis from the performance and she wasn't treated the same way I'm treated.

"And I've never experienced this before but, because we looked so much alike, at one point somebody grabbed me really hard and pulled me."

Amy was disturbed to realize that somebody would treat her stand-in so roughly. And so, she immediately took action.

"I went, 'What's going on?' And they're like '(Gasp) You're not Reb!'"

"I went into producer [mode] and I was like, 'You will not handle her like that.'"

"And [Reb] wouldn't have said a word, by the way," added the show's creator, Marti Noxon. "And that's the other part that's [changing] through women being more a part of the engine."

Using your own privilege to help those without it: That's what's up in 2018!!!