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    Adrienne Bailon Shared Her Secret Tuna Salad Recipe And Y'all...I Just Need A Minute To Process


    This is Adrienne Bailon — actor, singer, former Cheetah Girl, icon of the early 2000s. Now, I love Adrienne a whole lot! But............

    Last week, Adrienne shared her ~secret recipe~ for tuna salad in a YouTube video about weird food combos, and y'all...I am having a DIFFICULT TIME processing it.

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    Her recipe starts out pretty normal: tuna, mayo, salt, pepper. All standard ingredients for a tuna salad!

    But then she adds her secret ingredient: fruit punch.

    Like, a LOT of fruit punch. And then she stirs it into the fish and mayonnaise to create what can only be described as a thick, pink, tangy tuna soup.

    She then spreads that mixture onto white bread, and voila! But oh, we're not done yet...

    Adrienne then takes the tuna sandwich and DIPS IT IN THE FRUIT PUNCH WHILE SHE EATS IT.

    "I was home one day in high school, I had to make myself an after-school snack," she explains in the video. "I made myself tuna fish, and I was like, 'This just is not doing much for my taste buds.'"

    "'How do I create something that is just amazing?' And this, my friends, is what I created. And no one can tell me that doesn't taste bomb."

    Adrienne even asks her producer to come on camera and try it. To Adrienne's credit, the producer says it's "actually really good," and even takes another bite.

    "People put apples in [tuna salad]," Adrienne points out. "Same concept."

    But on Twitter, the reactions are slightly less enthusiastic.

    Adrienne Bailon really poured fruit punch into her tuna salad and then proceeded to dunk her sandwich into the fruit punch....

    It's safe to say that nobody was prepared for this.

    this was my brain when Adrienne Bailon dipped her tuna sandwich in her kool aid

    Some people would like the video erased from their brains entirely.

    Every time I finally start to get the image of Adrienne Bailon dipping a fruit punch-infused tuna sandwich into a glass of MORE fruit punch out of my head, y’all put it back on my damn timeline. I WANT IT GONE

    It's just a lot to process!

    I don’t know why I spend as much time as I do on YouTube but Adrienne Bailon literally uses koolaid to make tuna and my stomach HURTS

    Hey, people like what they like! But if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go log off for a while. Goodbye!