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    Adam Levine Claimed "There Aren't Any Bands Anymore," And It's Causing A Whole Controversy

    Adam,'re in a band.

    Adam Levine gave an interview to Apple Music's Zane Lowe yesterday — and he's now getting dragged for a comment he made about the current state of bands.

    Adam smiling and performing on stage

    "It's funny, when the first Maroon 5 album came out, there were still other bands," Adam said. "I feel like there aren’t any bands anymore, you know?"

    Adam posing for a photo with the other members of Maroon 5

    "That’s the thing that makes me kind of sad," he continued. "There's no bands anymore, and I feel like they’re a dying breed."

    Adam performing shirtless on stage

    Adam Levine went on to say that while there are still bands that exist, they aren't "in the limelight" anymore, and that he wishes "there could be more of those around."

    Unsurprisingly, his comment has some people on Twitter going, "Huh?"

    Many thought the comment was weird since Adam is...y'know...the frontman of a very popular band. And he was actually doing the interview to promote that band's new song:

    Tune in live to @ZaneLowe's New Music Daily on @AppleMusic 1 in 30 minutes to catch the premiere of “Beautiful Mistakes ft. @theestallion”

    Others are taking the comment as evidence that Adam Levine doesn't view Maroon 5 as a band anymore — but rather, as a group of musicians who play backup for him:

    i’m fully convinced maroon 5 isn’t a band it’s just a name that adam levine has to use for marketing and contract obligations

    Twitter: @punishedsk8er

    do yall think adam levine even knows the name of his other band members

    Twitter: @revhyuck

    Maroon 5 isn’t even a band anymore they’re just a vanity project for Adam Levine 😭 he needs to worry about that

    Twitter: @drugproblem

    Some people on Twitter think Adam needs to broaden his musical horizons a bit if he thinks there are no popular bands out there:

    im convinced that adam levine just listens to his own music and nothing else

    Twitter: @lunemonie

    Others are shouting out their favorite groups to prove to Adam that bands do indeed still exist.

    adam levine: there's no bands anymore then explain what are they?

    Twitter: @ifeelsoseen

    One user mused that perhaps Adam just really, really misses One Direction:

    what i’m hearing is that adam levine wants one direction to come back too 💔

    Twitter: @gabbie_79

    The band Eve 6 responded to Adam's comments by calling him a nerd:

    adam levine there are like 500k bands and they all think yer a nerd

    Twitter: @Eve6

    And several other bands have taken to their Twitter accounts to air their own grievances over the comment:

    What are we Adam Levine? CATS?!?!?

    Twitter: @garbage

    Adam Levine complaining “there’s no bands anymore” is like the owner of Starbucks complaining there’s no local coffee shops anymore. - Nelson

    Twitter: @DREAMERSjoinus
    Twitter: @ITHACABAND

    According to @stereogum , Adam Levine just canceled all of us. Can he do that? We had a good run y’all, no more bands, pack it in.

    Twitter: @ClosedownOH

    Adam Levine has yet to respond to these criticisms — although I would very much like to hear his response to Eve 6 calling him a nerd.

    Adam sitting in his judge's chair for the show "The Voice"