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    Adam Levine Shaved His Head And Got Cornrows And It's Just A Lot To Process

    I just wanna talk.

    You know Adam Levine — singer, frontman of Maroon 5, former coach on The Voice, and, generally speaking, a very attractive man.

    Christopher Polk

    Well, Adam was photographed out and about in Los Angeles today, where he debuted a new hairstyle that is, well, new.

    Niko / Lastarpix / Backgrid

    It appears that Adam has shaved off the sides of his hair and then braided the center strip into cornrows.

    Niko / Lastarpix / Backgrid

    So here it is, ladies and gentlefolk: Adam's new hair. Life is full of choices, and this is one that he has made.

    Niko / Lastarpix / Backgrid

    Goodbye, Adam Levine's old hair.

    Hello, Adam Levine's new hair.

    Niko / Lastarpix / Backgrid

    Out with the old...

    Cindy Ord / Getty Images with the new.

    Niko / Lastarpix / Backgrid

    Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    One more time, in case you missed it. Goodbye!

    Niko / Lastarpix / Backgrid