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Aaron Samuels From "Mean Girls" Didn't Recognize Lindsay Lohan In A Picture And It Got Awkward

"That's not Lindsay."

Okay, you're a human on this planet in 2017, so I assume you've seen the film Mean Girls at least once in your life.

Well, remember Aaron Samuels? The hottie Cady had a crush on? He sat in front of her in math class? On Oct. 3, he asked her what day it was??? Y'know, this guy:

Well, the actor who played Aaron, Jonathan Bennett, just attended a Rooftop Cinema Club screening of the film at The Montalban Theater in Hollywood. And in an interview with TooFab... something very ~peculiar~ happened.

Jonathan was shown a picture of Lindsay Lohan, and he did not know it was her.

"That's not Lindsay!" he said, as soon as the picture came out.

"That is Lindsay," the interviewer can be heard saying off-camera.

Jonathan still didn't believe her, pulling the picture out of her hands and examining it up close.

He then seemed to realize his mistake, and — somewhat awkwardly — attempted a recovery.

He tried his best!

He...said he was proud of her, and that she had done a "good job."

He did ramble on a bit longer than necessary, tbh. But he was trying!

And then he finally, mercifully turned the page — to a picture of himself.

Look, it could've honestly been a compliment — Lindsay is looking good these days! But still...kinda awkward.

And that's that about that.

You can watch the full interview here.