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    Posted on Jul 23, 2017

    People Who Fail Their Driver's Test Might Be Low-Key Brilliant, According To A New Study

    Take that, MOM.

    If you've ever gone through the truly TRAUMATIC teen experience of failing your driver's license test, I have some good news for you: Science says you might be a genius!!!*.


    *Okay, maybe not a genius. But definitely smart. At least according to Privilege, a British insurance company.

    According to a UK study just published in The Independent, people with college degrees are actually more likely to have failed their driver's test than those with no degree at all.

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    59% of those surveyed without degrees completed their license test on the first try, compared to just 51% of those with degrees.

    The study also found that people pursuing math and science careers were more likely to have failed their driver's test than creative types. Also kinda counterintuitive!


    Now, none of this is to say that people with college degrees are any smarter than those without. I mean, if anything, this study proves that's not true at all.


    But still, if you did suffer the slight humiliation of failing your driver's test, it's nice to know you're in good company!

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    BRB, sending this study to my mom, who still can't get over the fact that I failed my license test within the first 30 seconds.


    I blew through a stop sign on my way out of the DMV parking lot. So according to this study, I must be the BIGGEST GENIUS OF ALL TIME.

    Look Ma, science says I'm brilliant!!!


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