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People Who Fail Their Driver's Test Might Be Low-Key Brilliant, According To A New Study

Take that, MOM.

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If you've ever gone through the truly TRAUMATIC teen experience of failing your driver's license test, I have some good news for you: Science says you might be a genius!!!*.


*Okay, maybe not a genius. But definitely smart. At least according to Privilege, a British insurance company.

According to a UK study just published in The Independent, people with college degrees are actually more likely to have failed their driver's test than those with no degree at all.

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59% of those surveyed without degrees completed their license test on the first try, compared to just 51% of those with degrees.


BRB, sending this study to my mom, who still can't get over the fact that I failed my license test within the first 30 seconds.


I blew through a stop sign on my way out of the DMV parking lot. So according to this study, I must be the BIGGEST GENIUS OF ALL TIME.