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Lana Del Rey Handled Things Like A True Queen When A Fan Rushed The Stage To Hug Her

"I don't mind hugs, but..."

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This is Lana Del Rey — singer, songwriter, style icon, and part-time witch.

Lana was performing at the Flow Festival in Helsinki on Friday, when one of her fans got ~a little too excited~ and rushed the stage to give her a hug:

So a guy went on stage and hugged Lana today 😱

The fan immediately went for Lana...

... And security immediately went for the fan.

But Lana Del Rey handled it like a total champ. She pretty much just laughed it off.

And politely reminded her fans to, uh, not do that.

She then dropped to her knees, probably from the adrenaline rush of having a total stranger come at her like that.

Britney Spears also had a fan rush the stage last week. She handled it pretty damn well, considering she thought the guy had a freaking gun:

So, lemme just take this moment to deliver a quick PSA...

People, it doesn't matter how much you love your pop queens, you should never rush the stage like that to touch them! They are people, not objects, and they are definitely not yours to touch — no matter how much you stan.

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