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    28 Facebook Posts That Will Make You Say "Grandma, Everyone Can See This"

    "I think I can handle all that sex, grandson."

    1. This grandma's Memorial Day post is truly inspiring.

    2. Nancy has the perfect clapback.

    3. Holly just really loves Christmas.

    4. Jo Ann is not afraid to go OFF if the celery's dirty.

    5. This grandma likes those profile pic filters so much, she chose eight of them.

    6. And this grandma chose the perfect filter to express her love <3.

    7. Phyllis knows just how to keep tabs on her grandson.

    8. Meanwhile, Sharon is still learning this whole Facebook thing.

    9. This grandma has a reasonable question.

    10. This grandma is selling a beautiful necklace.

    11. And this grandma is a seeker of truth.

    12. Dawn would just like to delete her account, please.

    13. Jean knows just how to celebrate National Pet Day!

    14. This grandma is always here to provide comfort.

    15. This grandma offers her compliments to the chef.

    16. Darlene just cuts right to the chase.

    17. Janice isn't afraid to speak her truth.

    18. And this grandma just found out her phone's camera actually SAVES the pictures.

    19. This grandma bids goodnight to Outback Steakhouse.

    20. This grandma........really likes pictures of sandwiches.

    21. This grandma can handle all that sex.

    22. This grandma gives zero fucks about the solar eclipse.

    23. Beth just wanted her grandsons to have a good time, and she's now extremely popular.

    24. This grandma has never read Harry Potter.

    25. Carolyn is speechless and wants Subway to know.

    26. Linda loves coffee, but is not much of a conversationalist.

    27. Heather is not so familiar with "The Last Supper," but she thinks it's fabulous.

    28. And finally there's this woman, who is clearly living in 3017.