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    Posted on Jun 11, 2017

    If You Were Born In 1990, These Historical Facts Will Ruin Your Life

    Hate to break it to you, but you're more than halfway to 50.

    1. If you were born in 1990, your date of birth is now closer to the 1969 moon landing than it is to present day.

    NASA / Getty Images

    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon on July 20, 1969. Just 21 years before you were born.

    2. Similarly, you were born closer to Woodstock than you were to present day.

    Pictorial Parade / Getty Images

    Woodstock happened in August of 1969. Again, just 21 years before you came around.

    3. And you were ALSO born closer to The Beatles' final album than you were to present day.

    Abbey Road Studios

    They released Let It Be on May 8, 1970.

    4. America has had 45 presidents in total. In your life, you've seen five of them in office. In other words, one out of every nine US presidents has served his term at least partially during your life.

    Mark Wilson / Getty Images

    You've been alive for Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and Trump. Here are some of them hanging out.

    5. The iPhone has existed for more than a third of your life.

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    Apple introduced their new smartphones on January 9, 2007.

    6. JFK was assassinated 54 years ago, in 1963. The exact midpoint between then and now? Your birth year, 1990.

    Keystone / Getty Images

    7. America is 241 years old. You've been around for more than 10% of American history.

    Kean Collection / Getty Images

    8. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended segregation in public spaces. You were born just 26 years later.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    9. Teens getting their driver's licenses today weren't alive when Bill Clinton was president.

    Pool / AFP / Getty Images

    10. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he was just six years older than you.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    11. How many Olympic Games do you think you've lived through? Five? Six? Try fourteen.

    Michel Gangne / AFP / Getty Images

    That's the opening ceremony at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, BTW.

    12. The last veteran of the American Civil War died just 34 years before you were born.

    Rischgitz / Getty Images

    Albert Henry Woolson died in 1956.

    13. Next year, most freshmen in high school will have been born after the launch of Facebook.

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    14. You're either 26 or 27 now. A person who was 27 when you were born was born in 1963.

    Comedy Central

    15. When you were born, Elvis had died only 13 years prior. For reference, Mean Girls came out 13 years ago.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Elvis died on August 16, 1977.

    16. Did you know that Chrysler was the first company to introduce minivans to the US? They did that just seven years before you were born.


    17. Oh, and did you know that Wrigley Field was the last baseball stadium to install lights for night games? They did that just TWO years before you were born.

    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    18. And finally, the Ottoman Empire was established in 1299. It came to an end just 70 years before you were born.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Yup, you're pretty freaking old.


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