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21 Moments Where Total Strangers Had Each Other's Backs

In case you need a reminder today.

1. During Hurricane Irma, this man was about to take the last generator at Lowe's — but gave it to this woman who needed it to power her father's oxygen supply.

2. This father got some unexpected help from his neighbor when his car was stuck in the snow.

3. This couple was struggling with crying twin babies in the middle of a restaurant, so an anonymous customer picked up their tab and sent them this note.

4. These Starbucks employees helped a homeless guest land a job at their store.

5. This older gentleman helped a young man tie his tie while waiting for their train.

6. When this person's grandmother died, her phone number was given away — but the person who ended up with that number had some beautiful words of support for the family.

7. This person got a surprising note from an anonymous neighbor after playing ukulele on their patio.

8. These neighbors were able to forge a special connection over a basketball hoop.

9. This guy stopped everything he was doing to help a kid get to school.

10. This person was happy to grant their pregnant neighbor a slightly unusual request.

11. This house cleaner received a wrong number text from one of their customers — and handled it so sweetly.

12. These two strangers became unlikely friends while waiting for the post office to open.

13. This subway musician's sign invites homeless people to take whatever cash they need from his tips.

14. This older man was standing alone by the chess board in hopes that someone would play him — and then this guy showed up.

15. This kind stranger bought new tires for somebody who really needed them.

16. This person got a fun little surprise from a stranger with their Redbox DVD.

17. When this person noticed someone's car window open during a rainstorm, they placed a garbage bag over it to keep the stranger's car dry.

18. And when this good Samaritan found themselves in a similar situation, they found a very clever way to stop a stranger's car from getting soaked through an open sunroof.

19. This kid was trying to ~rope in~ some strangers to his lemonade stand, and this man was happy to play along.

20. This woman's neighbors surprised her with a huge favor, and wouldn't accept anything in return.

21. And finally, when this young man saw an older guy hesitating at the top of an escalator, he helped him to get down safely.

H/t to r/MadeMeSmile

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