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Why Do People Hate Police?

Why In The World Would Anyone Hate Police? The Psychology.

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Paris rioted with nitrous unrest after a dark skinned man was beaten and raped by police officers because the myth of race continues to spread into other countries that are now becoming similar to America. Obviously all cops are not evil, so why in the world would anyone hate police, those precious protectors?

Before you read any further, understand there have been cannibal police eating people. All bias about every cop being innocent goes directly out the window. That said, the scary truth is that cops are also widely and by far above the law. Well how can anyone say that?

Cops generally have to be indicted before anything legal even happens to them. We are not just talking about social privilege, we are talking about an actual, thick layer of paperwork and litigated privilege that separates a cop from an ordinary second class citizen.

If the state is here to protect cops and not the people, why is the state? If a cop signed up to protected and not to protect others, why are they a cop? "Why."

Sometimes you had cops being hated on or shot who were just plain innocent. Obviously that was never justified, but here is why it happened.

It is because other cops specifically get away with and do what they want, when they want, right now, no exaggeration. All you have to do is watch them, right now, go outside. Go to sleep with friends in a mall parking lot, see if you don’t get illegally interrogated by “friends with police” who do not have a police car with a camera on it. If it does not happen, you went to the wrong mall. Travel out of state, see how many times you get pulled over for, “made up reasons.” See how many times police randomly follow people around on a hunch that is being fueled by taxpayer dollars when there has been no crime committed. There is nobody here to protect people from police. It is for that reason that many people are afraid, and that fear leads to hatred. Think about that. Who is going to protect these people from bad apples that, "specifically do what they want, all the time." Maybe a car will break down and they will call a relative. Maybe police will get a squad car without a dash camera because they do not believe that story. Who knows what tomorrows excuses will be for crime. When the dark skinned teenager Jordan Edwards was shot coming home from a house party that officer was fired, nobody went to jail. When police are killed that is not the story.

When cops are found guilty they are still protected. Sometimes, their names are not even reported on the news, they are not even shown. Why then, is it acceptable for the privacy of everyone else to be exposed? Where is protection for the people?

Because if Donald Trump can repeal internet privacy for the people, he literally sold your internet privacy to the highest bidder, privacy is a thing of the past. Why then, do police still get privacy? If governments exist only to protect police officers then who are the people? Who are the people and why are they here? Why did they not deserve protection?

Who are cops and the state really here for after the privileges are read out loud? Think about that. Are they here to live off of us? Is it the people? Is that protection? Is that equality? Is that law? If cops are the citizens to be protected...who in the hell are we? Who in the hell are we... What is the purpose of law if you have an entire class of people who are above it. The purpose would have to be oppression, would it not? That is worse than not having any law at all, and that is not the freedom that the ancestors of America fought so hard for. Why do some people fear and hate police officers, it is because there is no justice being served to police in particular. That is not equality. There has never been equality. There has never been, equality. There has never been, equality. Think about that. Anger is displaced as being fake justice, because there is-no-justice being served and there is no equality. How might these problems be solved?

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