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10 Weirdest Topics On The Show Games & Guns

"I wouldn't think watching dudes play video games & talk about stuff would make for good TV but this show is surprisingly entertaining"

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On this week's episode of Games & Guns...

Prepare yourself because it gets weird. (Skip to the bottom for the full video)

1. Cannibalism

2. Crack

"I recommend that as show prep for people who come on this show"

3. Face Stabbing

4. Words

Screw words...

5. Payphones

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"ooo look a payphone!"

6. Playing Dress Up

7. Jay Carney's Pube Beard

"Beards are awesome and I would commend any man, or man-boy spokesperson, who is considering growing a beard"

8. Becoming Sixpence Richer

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And other weird British stuff...

9. Lady Beards

10. Call of Duty Ghosts' Misleading Name

Watch the whole episode!

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