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Top 10 Benefits Of Virtus Fleet Witness Cameras

No matter what kind of fleet vehicles your business uses, from taxis to delivery trucks, commercial dash cameras can make them much safer. This is a camera that is attached to the vehicle and that provides a recording of everything that has happened.

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2. Let's Begin With A Demo

The camera can be set to record all day long, allowing you to monitor any accidents or poor driving techniques. The camera will only store the information from 15 seconds before an accident up until 15 seconds after the accident. If the vehicle is driving through a wi-fi enabled area, then the camera can be monitored in real time remotely.

3. The Advantages to Using Dash Cameras

A quick rundown on the pros of commercial dash cameras:

* Lowered costs
* Less liability for accidents
* Improved employee management and oversight
* The ability to handle situations quickly and effectively
* Better security
* Protection for employees and vehicles

4. Let's Look at those in more detail

1. Improved Security

If there isn’t a camera attached to the vehicle, how do you know what happens when it is out on the road? You can have security oversight for all your vehicles with these handy cameras. That’s going to provide you with additional benefits, like…

2. Decreased Costs

Every business needs to find ways to save money, and commercial dash cameras give you a way to do that. With better security, you are preventing crime and keeping your drivers safer, since they know they will be monitored. This also saves you money when there is an accident and you need to sort out the facts.

3. Less Expensive Insurance

Many insurance companies will offer you better rates if you have these cameras in place. You will save money by protecting your assets and showing the insurance company that you care about preventing accidents and crimes.

4. Keep Your Employees Safe

You need to protect your employees if your business’ day to day operations are going to go smoothly. Dashboard cameras protect against traffic accidents, and they also provide clear evidence of what happened during the accident so that your employees don’t have to suffer as much in court, as there is a clear testimony available.

5. Prevents Unsafe Driving

You are also going to prevent employees from driving away from the scene of accident or wrongfully reporting what happened when there is an accident, if you have these cameras in place. You will protect your business against unsafe employees and encourage better driving among all your employees. The camera can be your representative on the road, providing oversight and keeping employees in line.

6. Make Use of Auto Record

Whenever there is an accident, this camera will automatically record what has happened. While the camera will be running all day long, it will only store video for the 15 seconds before the accident to the 15 seconds following the accident. This allows you to easily and effectively review the information and plan based on facts. It also precludes the need for hours of highway footage that isn’t relevant to you.

7. View in Real Time with Wi-Fi Remote Access

When the camera picks up wi-fi, it can upload data directly to your headquarters and provide real-time viewing options.

8. Great Value

This is an investment that will give you incredible value, as these cameras are built to last. They can provide you with quality security for years, saving you money and protecting your assets.

9. Keeps the Roads Safe

Having dash cameras can also help your employees report unsafe drivers more easily. The care can record hit and run interactions so that the authorities can more easily track those who caused the accident.

10. Practice Better Driving

If your emplyees know that they are being recorded while they drive, they are going to drive safer and be less reckless. They are more likely to follow the rules of the road, and they won’t be able to come up with any excuses about why they were not driving safely. With remote access, you can watch them even when an accident isn’t happening, just to check up on their driving methods. This is a great way to ensure that there are fewer accidents and safer roads for everyone.

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