Dish TV. Join Now, Watch For Eternity

I've been having a go at dish TV that I wanted to share. It has to do with their relentless and fragmented marketing department, as well as their social media customer service interface that is a throw back to the old Soviet newspaper, Pravda. But first, some background. My 89 year old father signed up to dish TV sometime last year, probably because he received a marketing call, talking him into the service, probably telling him how much better off he'd be with dish, even though he was happy with Comcast's Triple play. Being lonely he probably was happy to receive the call, and being half deaf (and too proud to admit it), he probably agreed to things that he didn't understand. But I digress. This is about the now, and not then. So, dad, lets call him George (because that's his name), passed away in January. As part of my job in sorting out all his bills and accounts, it came time to disconect the dish TV service. Multiple phone calls to customer service weren't enough, and they required proof of death in order to close the account without penalty. Penalty?? Dad never would have agreed to a 2-year subscription with heavy penalty payouts for early termination (see earlier, deaf). But, ok, fine, I emailed them a copy of the death certificate. Then I get another bill, which I emailed about and received no response. Then finally, they contact me saying the account has been closed. Whew. Story over. I can now get closure right? Wrong. Then I get a "we want you back" email (see picture and response below). I posted my response on my FB acct, then posted it on the dish TV FB page, hoping somene there might respond (sure, it was a bit cheeky, but i was a bit pissed with them at this point). No response, but they did remove it from the FB page, twice. Then, hours after my post, I receive another bill from them. Good going dish TV. As my friend Kathryn says, their new slogan should be "Join now, watch for eternity!"

stephend47 • 4 years ago