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    Film-Inspired Food Trucks We'd Like To See

    Inspired by the release of Jon Favreau's Chef in movie theatres nationwide, critic Stephen Michael Brown has developed a baker's dozen of film-inspired food trucks worthy of consideration.

    1. Dr. Lecter's Fava Bean Burrito Bandwagon

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    Inspired by the adventurous pallette of the diabolical impressario featured in Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon, exotic choices on this mobile menu include human liver, fava beans and a nice selection of vintage Chiantis. Watch out for Sweetbread Saturdays!

    2. Waitress on Wheels

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    Home of the "I Hate My Husband Pie," this food truck features a selection of desserts by Kerri Russell's character from the indie film Waitress (2007) in the spirit of I-baked-my-emotion-into-my-meal movies such as Like Water for Chocolate and Woman on Top. Disclaimer for those expecting traditional pies: Those served in this food truck are in no way associated with the American Pie films, a certain sequence in Stand By Me or an object of Southern hospitality offered by an Oscar winner from The Help.

    3. Vianne's Vroom Vroom Room

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    Both Americans and the English have been patient as we awaited Juliette Binoche's return to the cinematic scene, and now she's burst back into the thick of the city like her radiation-seeking monster co-star in Godzilla. But it's her French heroine of Chocolat (2000) serving up forbidden goodies such as chili pepper hot chocolate and other bonbons from her patisserie that makes her such a cause celebre on the foodie scene. This vehicle is truckin' in the tradition of Babette's Feast and other sumptuous delights!

    4. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Your Order

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    Dame Helen Mirren serves up some anti-Thatcher concoctions while donning frumpy faces and couture fashion in a full re-creation of Peter Greenaway's color-coded Hollandaise restaurant on wheels. Try Mirren's famous cocktail franks, and Michael Gambon will entertain the kiddies with flavored jelly beans and butter beer from his latter-career Harry Potter headmaster.

    5. M'Lynn's Juicemobile

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    Available for low blood sugar and high melodrama occasions, you'll like - I mean really like - the juices served up in this steel magnolia of a food truck. If you're really good, we'll trot out the red velvet armadillo cake.

    6. Eat Drink Man Woman Car

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    Experience equal parts love and potstickers with a food truck, Ang Lee style! Based on the 1994 vehicle that didn't in fact include a vehicle. Enjoy gourmet lunchboxes and Taiwanese-style clams that will make those ladies in The Joy Luck Club blush with envy.

    7. Gimme Gimme Gimme a Meal After Midnight: The LIVE! Experience

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    Curated by Stripe Gremlin, this food truck is dedicated to the mischief makers and nightime denizens of deliciousness and features Korova Milkshakes, the goo from Troll 2 and even quail laced with suspect ingredients by Lonnie of Flirting with Disaster. Now running our 9 1/2 Weeks of appetizers promotion featuring great finger foods. Also featuring early-morning items ranging from Mr. T Cereal featured in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, blueberry pancakes demanded in Pulp Fiction and mayonnaise/cereal/pixie stick sandwiches inspired by The Breakfast Club.

    8. Pure Imagination Station

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    "Candy man" Willy Wonka offers you a golden opportunity to sample his wares, from Scrumdiddlyumptious Bars to drinks from the Choc-o-River. Oompa Loompas will help good boys and girls enjoy Fizzy Lifting Drinks, Everlasting Gobstoppers and more. Any similarities between the four missing naughty children and the missing naughty adults from Seven is strictly coincidental.

    9. Timpano Truck: Paradise Alley

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    Every night is a Big Night as the Italian immigrant brothers and owners of Paradise restaurant from the 1996 film wheel out their famous timpano. Discover the 10-20 layers of this incredible concoction, and discover a bit about yourself in the process.

    10. Far Pavilions Parfaits

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    Experience the stunning cultural inaccuracies of Steven Spielberg's Temple of Doom as Mola Ram's henchmen serve you chilled monkey brains and other delicacies unsuitable for a monsoon wedding. You'll be better served in Indian cuisine by experiencing 2014's sleeper hit The Lunchbox.

    11. Toast of the Town Truck

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    Have it your way in a food truck inspired by the extraordinarily specific food order or the rebellious Jack Nicholson in 1970's Five Easy Pieces. Your chicken or egg salad sandwich can come on toasted bread - or not. We're flexible.

    12. Under the Tuscan Sunroof

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    Rekindle the romance of an Italian dinner on the majesty of food truck pavement. Experience Diane Lane's fried artichokes with newfound friends. Or go back in time for pizza pies with your buddies from Moonstruck or Do the Right Thing. Have some meatballs with the guys from Godfather or even some pasta in prison a la GoodFellas. You eat, and we'll pray you'll love it.

    13. Whodunit in the Parking Lot

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    Inspired by the 1978 film Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? in which cooks get murdered in grisly methods evocative of their most famous dishes! Duck pâté, fois gras, Beef Wellington and more are on the menu along with mystery and intrigue as you pick up your meal within a chalk drawing outline of a human body on the pavement below. Extra security guards may be on hand for select stops of this food truck.

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