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29 Signs You Went To The University Of Tennessee

If you went to the University of Tennessee, you should be able to relate to all or most of these. Enjoy!

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1. You were welcomed to the University by someone rockin' an orange polo, khaki shorts, ankle socks, and a BIG smile!


Shout out to my fellow OLs! OL2K1

Let's not forget about the call and response: BIG ORANGE COUNTRY... GO VOLS!

10. You sang Rocky Top hundreds (maybe even thousands) of times (and probably lost your voice)... and still believe it's our fight song.

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And you might've had a little bit of you die inside when you learned Down the Field is the official fight song. Does anyone even know the words to Down the Field?! No? I didn't think so.

13. ... and probably watched them march to the stadium in PERFECT uniformity and got chills up your spine as they performed "Salute to the Hill."

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