29 Signs You Went To The University Of Tennessee

If you went to the University of Tennessee, you should be able to relate to all or most of these. Enjoy!

1. You were welcomed to the University by someone rockin’ an orange polo, khaki shorts, ankle socks, and a BIG smile!

Shout out to my fellow OLs! OL2K1

Let’s not forget about the call and response: BIG ORANGE COUNTRY… GO VOLS!

2. This place was your home for 4… maybe even 5 years.

3. You know who this woman is and wholeheartedly believe that she is one of the greatest human beings. EVER.

And because you’re a Vol who backs Pat, you should also make a donation to the Pat Summitt Foundation.

4. And you respect this guy.

5. You knew that this place was affectionately called “No Limit” Clement…

6. … and this place was called “the Zoo”…

7. … and this place was known for all its “sass”.

What up, Sassy Massey?

8. You know all about “the rock” and have probably painted it more times than you’d like to admit.

9. You knew that having a class here meant you’d most likely be out of breath and/or drenched in sweat.

Best. Workout. EVER.

10. You sang Rocky Top hundreds (maybe even thousands) of times (and probably lost your voice)… and still believe it’s our fight song.

And you might’ve had a little bit of you die inside when you learned Down the Field is the official fight song. Does anyone even know the words to Down the Field?! No? I didn’t think so.

11. This is where you worked out.

And you probably lost your balance on several occasions from the strong gust of air as you entered or exited.

12. On Saturday mornings, you woke up to the Pride of the Southland Marching Band practicing on the intramural field…

Shout out to my fellow Pride of the Southland alums!

13. … and probably watched them march to the stadium in PERFECT uniformity and got chills up your spine as they performed “Salute to the Hill.”

14. You don’t like this school, and you’re not even sorry about it. Not even a little bit.

15. This is your other religion…

16. … and this is your other church.




20. You’ve collected all things orange and anything with a Power T. CONGRATULATIONS: You’re now a hoarder.

Pay no mind to the haters… they’re just jealous.

21. The Strip is where you got your drink on.

22. And after getting your drink on, you went here to punish a sackful of square-shaped goodness… using the walk-up window, of course.

R.I.P. Krystal

23. You know that this guy is a LEGEND.

24. You “studied” here.

Let’s face it… you’ve probably done more socializing here than studying.

25. If you wanted to go to a house party, this is where you went.

And might have gotten mugged in the process.

26. When you wanted to get away from campus and have some fun, you went here.

27. This is your mantra during football season.

28. And no matter where you are, you will ALWAYS know this.

29. Because…

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