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The Only 5 Things You Actually Need On Your Registry

So you're getting married, congratulations! Registries aren't what they used to be, especially since you have most of what you need by the time he pops the question. Here's a few revolutionary products that'll help keep you healthy and happy.

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1. Hurom’s HH Elite Series Slow Juicer ($399.00) / Via Hurom’s HH Elite Series Slow Juicer. Photo by Ariel Zambelich/WIRED

This award-winning juicer is expensive, but so worth the life-long nutrition it helps provide. Honestly, at about $400, I wouldn't go purchasing this myself. However, I would totally love it and use it, so why not put it on a registry? There's nothing like being in charge of your own juice, especially if you're a picky, healthy eater.

2. Raise money for your honeymoon on / Via

But seriously, you don't need to register a bunch of little gadgets and nicknacks on your registry. Why not have your family and friends give the gift of an incredible honeymoon? Attendees can help sponsor excursions, flights, a hotel, even a simple romantic dinner! Cut the crap you don't need and live the most memorable honeymoon you could have ever asked for.

3. KitchenAid® 9-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice System ($249.99)[KFP0930WH]-406816/KFP0930WH/ / Via

You WILL NOT be part of the "you snagged a man and now you don't have to care anymore" crap. Instead, you're thinking about children, which means you want to prepare your body to be the healthiest, baby oven you can be! Take pride in preparing your own food. I know that's easier said then done, so allow me to introduce the KitchenAid® 9-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice System. A food processor allows you to take real, raw ingredients and turn it into mouth-watering gold. You know that falafel truck on the corner you love so much? Well, why not make your own? You will get more, and pay way less. Oh, and your new hubby or wifey is guaranteed to fall in love with you all over again.

Did I mention you'll be so much healthier, feel amazing, and save money?

4. Ratio Coffee Machine ($480.00) / Via

For those of you that love coffee, this sleek coffee machine is worth putting on your registry. If you're choosing to focus on stuff you really need and that'll bring you long-lasting happiness, this is worth asking for. "Ratio is smarter than your average coffee maker. Beneath the exterior is precise brewing science, automated. Ratio is equipped with a powerful heating element. Where lesser machines struggle to maintain the optimum temperature - brewing either too hot or too cold - Ratio consistently delivers water at the ideal temperature of ~200°."

You will never need to buy another coffee machine again.

5. Established Date Wine Rack ($27.50) / Via VetrinaDelVino

Okay, so this is more on the fun and unnecessary side, but part of the wedding bliss is receiving personalized items. This wine rack is very useful - it holds 12 bottles of wine! It has a beautiful earthy look, allowing it to match any home decor style. The best part about it? Reminding you of one of the best days of your life, every time you look at it.

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