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    20 Things Only School Counselors Will Understand

    Today we salute you, 'guidance counselor' person. Even though no one knows what exactly you do all day, we'd be lost without you. No matter what you have planned to do for the day, you can rest assured it will not get done in any way. You're the ultimate middle man and the drop-off point for all-things-no-one-knows-what-to-do-with. You're the master of the schedule, tamer of the chaos, expert of the social skills, and the jack-of-all-trades. So here's to you 'guidance counselor' person. We don't know what you do all day, but you do it very well.

    20. When you try to have plans and expectations for your work day:

    19. When the workload starts to outpace you:

    18. When you get called the G-word, it can hurt a little:

    17. When the hustle is real:

    16. 'Who do we have in our in-service audience today? How many of you are teachers? How about administrators? Am I forgetting anyone?'

    15. When our position isn't listed as an option on the million forms we are asked to fill out:

    14. Who has two thumbs and can handle a caseload of hundreds of students and parents?

    13. When you couldn't be more thankful for your Counseling Office Secretaries for being your right hand, and sometimes your left hand, and even your brain:

    12. When a student has an issue and you handle it the RIGHT way versus the easy way:

    11. When you are trying to prepare student schedules, but no two are the same and changes keep being made:

    10. When your door is always open, except when it is closed:

    9. When lunch is served on-the-go, if you get a chance to actually eat it:

    8. Actual footage of how we get through the school week:

    Orca / Via Facebook: video.php

    7. When a student's emergency becomes your emergency...

    6. When you walk through the hallways and people see you and recall that they have something to tell you:

    5. When your day involves an emotional roller coaster that goes from teenage pregnancy to college acceptance to mental illness to celebrating achievements to grief and on and on and around and over and under:

    4. When you're trying to keep your counselor face on:

    3. When your appointments, meetings, voicemails, and emails just keep coming regardless of anything else that you're taking care of:

    2. When you help a student through the obstacle course of life and graduate:

    Facebook: video.php

    1. Because you deserve to be celebrated! Happy National School Counseling Week! #trueamericanhero