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This Couple Is Planning A Second Wedding After The Wife Lost Her Memory In An Accident

The wedding redo is happening on Jeremy and Justice Stamper's first anniversary in August.

Jeremy and Justice Stamper started dating in high school, and have been together ever since.

Last August, the couple got married in a state park in Virginia. "We were at the top of the world, newlyweds and our whole lives head of us," Jeremy Stamper wrote on a GoFundMe page.

But just 19 days after the wedding, the newlyweds faced a serious hardship. Justice Stamper was driving to meet up with her husband when her car was struck from behind. She survived but suffered multiple injuries.

After countless hours of therapy, the newlywed is reportedly doing well. But a month after the accident, she made a heartbreaking confession to her husband.

She said, "I don't want you to be mad....but I do not remember the wedding," Jeremy Stamper wrote online. His wife couldn't remember the last five weeks before the accident, which included their beautiful ceremony.

Jeremy Stamper decided he would throw his wife another wedding, so she could once again have a memory of their special day. "I was heartbroken and instantly said I would do it all again for her," he said.

The couple's story soon was picked up by multiple news outlets, which led to local companies donating photography, a wedding cake, and more.

Jeremy Stamper told BuzzFeed News that they have relied on faith to get through Justice Stamper's difficult recovery, and are relying on faith now as well.