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People Are Dying Over This Woman's Relative's Incredibly Inappropriate Facebook Commentary

Or at the least, can they please learn privacy settings?

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Even worse (better?), the man's poor stepdaughter decided to give her dad some help (or make him please stop talking).

Twitter: @d0mecoach

"Hey dad... All of your friends can see when you comment on this stuff," she wrote.

Ashley told BuzzFeed News she got the screenshots sent to her, and she died, of course. She said she knew she had to share it on Twitter.

"We just thought it was hilarious, and I knew my friends would think it was hilarious too," she said.

Ashley shared the screenshots and wrote, "this is my blood, ya'll." People were totally shook.


"Dad, it's time we have 'that conversation'. Yes, about Facebook privacy settings."


Ashley said the attention her post has garnered has been totally crazy, and added that she hasn't told her relative about his newfound fame.

"I'm pretty sure he has no idea," she said. "He is now claiming he was 'hacked.' But our side of the family isn't buying that."

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