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These 3-Year-Old Twins Need A Liver Transplant — But Their Dad Can Only Save One

The Wagner family is turning to social media for help in finding a liver donor to save the second twin.

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So, the family is turning to social media for help in finding a live donor to save the second twin.

Michael and Johanne Wagner started a fundraising page and a Facebook page in an attempt to find a donor to ensure both of their girls can have the life-saving operation.

The girl’s father is a match and can donate part of his liver to one of the twins, the family wrote on their GoFundMe page. However, this leaves the family with an agonizing decision.

Liver Transplants for our Vietnamese Twin Girls / Via Facebook: 1401239010168456

“We are faced with a potentially life-saving operation for one of our girls, but this leaves us wondering about the other,” they wrote.


So far, hundreds of potential donors have sent applications to be a liver donor for the second twin, according to the family.

The couple, which has seven other children, said they are hoping their campaign can raise awareness for the disease and organ donation.

Stephanie McNeal is a social news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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