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This Mom Had A Creative Solution After People Kept Asking The Same Questions About Her Twins

"Yes, I'm sure they aren't identical."

A mom in Australia is getting a ton of attention online after she posted a picture of her twins holding signs featuring all of the nosy questions she gets from strangers while she is out shopping.

Annie Nolan, who blogs at Uncanny Annie, posted the picture of her twins Delphi and Cheska last week, and it went totally viral over the weekend.

The signs read:

-Yes, they are mine.
-Yes, they are twins.
-Yes, both girls
-No, not identical
-Yes, I know they look alike though.
-Yes, I'm sure they aren't identical
-Conceived by f***ing
-Born via C-section
-You have twins in your family? "Great"
-They don't run in my family...until now.
-Yes, my hands are full (sometimes with 2 glasses of wine just to get through)
-Yes, triplets would be harder

Nolan wrote that she wanted to leave the notes on the twins' strollers as she headed into town, but chickened out once she got on the train.

She said although she knows people mean well, the constant questions can be exhausting.

After she posted the picture, tons of people began commenting. Many fellow moms of twins wrote they felt her pain.

And many twins wrote they get these sorts of questions all the time.

Although some people accused her of being ungrateful or passive-aggressive.

In a follow-up post, Nolan wrote she really didn't expect all of the attention for what she considered a harmless joke. She said the haters should realize didn't actually walk her daughters around with the signs.

"I absolutely NEVER meant to hurt a single soul with this photo," she wrote. "If you knew me, you would know that if I think the pet cat is upset with me, I can't sleep! I am grateful for my children EVERYDAY."

She added that her Facebook page has gone from 200 followers to over 3,000 in just a few days, and that she only meant for the post to be seen by a few friends of hers who have twins.

But she said she isn't taking the negative comments to heart. "None of the nasty comments even scratch the surface of what you should take seriously and what you should let upset you," she said.

The family has since appeared on Australian talk shows, but Nolan is taking it in stride, posting a photo of the twins enjoying their 15 minutes of fame.