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    People Are So Charmed By This Tiny Kitten That Literally Fell Into Its New Home

    "He’s clearly never seen people before and had probably spent his entire life so far inside the wall."

    This is Ellie Haywood, a 28-year-old in Melbourne, Australia, and her new kitten, Asbestos. The pair found each other in a very unusual way, Haywood told BuzzFeed News.

    Haywood lives with two housemates in what she describes as a "old and decrepit property" that's "totally falling apart."

    However, living in a home like this comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it rains. Last week, the news predicted "unprecedented" rain, she said.

    "I was already kind of worried (but weirdly excited) for what that would mean for our leaky waterlogged house," she said. "We even joked about preemptively calling the state emergency service. So we emptied all our leak buckets to prepare for the onslaught."

    During the storm, Haywood was getting ready for bed when she heard scratching in the wall. She assumed it was a possum.

    She was in the laundry room, when suddenly, she heard a large crash. She ran out to find a hole in her ceiling.

    Haywood said she expected to find a possum had fallen through her ceiling, but instead found a feral cat. The cat ran away immediately, but left behind a tiny kitten.

    Haywood, who already has an older cat, said it was clear Asbestos was feral and he initially was hissing and biting.

    "He’s clearly never seen people before and had probably spent his entire life so far inside the wall," she said.

    Haywood took the kitty to the vet the next day, and he was given a clean bill of health. He is already making great strides in becoming a house cat and getting comfortable.

    Asbestos Update: he’s come so far in just 24 hours, he was snapping and hissing and biting with his NEEDLE SHARP TE…

    "Now Asbestos is comfortable with us he’s so naughty, he loves to bite hands and feet and thinks it’s the best game," she said.

    Aw, good boy Asbestos!

    Living the good life!

    Haywood of course tweeted about the story, and people fell in love with the little roof kitten.


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