This Stay-At-Home Dad Is Letting His Toddler Dress Herself And The Results Are Adorable

    Simon Ragoonanan says he believes that part of helping his daughter discover her identity is letting her express herself through her wardrobe.

    This is Simon Ragoonanan, a UK-based former television producer turned stay-at-home dad.

    He has a blog called Man vs. Pink, where he discusses how to raise a well-rounded daughter in a world full of gender-biased marketing.

    Recently, Ragoonanan and his wife decided to let their 3-year-old daughter pick out her own clothes.

    As he first told SheKnows, Ragoonanan made the choice to let his daughter begin dressing herself after her birthday earlier this year.

    "We know she needs to be her own person, so it's really up to her what she wears and what she's into from now on," he told BuzzFeed News.

    The results have been ridiculously adorable.

    She is quite the fashionista.

    She also likes superheroes.

    Her style is versatile in rain or shine.

    His daughter has really enjoyed picking out her own outfits so far, although sometimes she gets distracted by toys.

    "...She can deliberate on her choice for quite a while, often considering then putting things back," Ragoonanan said. "These are definitely not random choices and combinations."

    She often gets compliments on her outfits while she is out and about.

    "She always did when I dressed her, I think because she looked so different from lots of other girls, but not boyish either," Ragoonanan said. "I always wondered if other mothers would be thinking 'what the hell is he doing dressing her like that?' but we get mothers coming up to us in the park or on the street telling us how awesome she looks. Which is great."

    Ragoonanan wrote on his blog that he is a big fan of comics and Star Wars, and has shared this passion with his daughter as an alternative to princesses.

    He told BuzzFeed News she likes playing with a mixture of dolls that represent strong female role models, such as Princess Leia and Storm from X-Men.

    "We make sure she has a wide range of toys from Star Wars, dolls, train sets, teas sets, LEGO," he said. "In terms of books, we're always trying to find interesting stories. She's a big fan of Wizard of Oz at the moment which is great as Dorothy is such an awesome role model for a little girl. We knew Disney Princesses were going to be something we needed to be aware of and subvert where possible."

    He added that he encourages her interest in characters like Batgirl and Wonder Woman, who he said have a "feminine aesthetic is at least visually similar to Disney" but are "cooler."

    Can she be my personal stylist?