This Mom Thought Her Daughter Had Been Poisoned After Seeing Her Snapchat

    Poor mom couldn't sleep she was so worried!

    This is Rebecca Owen, a 30-year-old from Manchester, England, and her mom Lana.

    Rebecca Owen
    Rebecca Owen

    Owen told BuzzFeed News that her mom is known for being a bit gullible.

    Rebecca Owen

    So, she said she's had some fun playing pranks on her over the years.

    "I once telephone pranked her saying the Queen wanted her to work at Buckingham Palace 'cause she worked for a catering agency at the time, and she believed it," she said.

    Recently, Owen was playing around on Snapchat and took a video of herself messing with a filter that made her head look square.

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    The video cracked her up, and she thought her mom might like it.

    "[I] thought I would send it to my mum 'cause I thought she would laugh at it," she said.

    But her mom had a very different reaction, and thought Owen either had been poisoned or was on drugs. So of course, Owen decided to play along. She posted the entire exchange on Facebook.

    Rebecca Owne
    Rebecca Owen

    At first her mom asked how her face got like that. She worriedly asked if Owen had a bad reaction to something she ate.

    Owen jokingly replied that someone told her she should "be there or be square," and she had turned into a square. But her mom didn't have time for jokes.

    Her mom asked her to bring her kids over to her house, so that her daughter could go to the hospital.

    "You might have got food poisoning," she said.

    Her mom then considered an even worse scenario: Her daughter had tried a new street drug she had heard about.

    Rebecca Owen
    Rebecca Owen

    There's this drug called "Magic," Owen's mom said. You haven't taken that, have you? she asked.

    Owen tried to make her mom realize it was a joke by using a new filter, but that only freaked her out more.

    She told her to call her doctor for an appointment.

    Finally, Owen let her mom know she had been had. Her mom said she hadn't slept she was so worried: "i could just punch you now."

    Rebecca Owen

    Her mom added that she wasn't being unreasonable — her friend had the same reaction from salmon paste.

    Owen said she couldn't stop laughing, so she posted the exchange on Facebook. It has since been shared thousands of times, with many people saying it reminded them of their own mom.

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    Owen said the attention has crazy, and she "literally can't believe it."

    "I didn't expect it to be shared like it has been," she said.

    She added that most people have been positive to her mom, except some who have criticized her mom's spelling (English is not her mom's first language). Her mom is taking the whole thing in stride, she said.

    "She didn't even know what viral meant two days ago, but yeah, she's been great about it," she said.

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