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This Couple Told Their Family Their Expected Baby Girl Was Actually A Boy In The Best Way

Grandma's reaction is AMAZING.

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Kyle and Danielle Williams posted on YouTube that they had been told by a sonographer that they had a baby girl on the way.

The Williamses, who already have a 2-year-old daughter named Peyton, had even picked out the name Charlee for their new baby girl.

However, when Danielle Williams gave birth earlier this month, the couple got a big surprise: a boy they named Bentley.

"Finally Kyle was able to see the head and what he saw next would change his life forever," the couple wrote. "His expected daughter was in fact a BOY!!!!! He was speechless and told his wife well there a bit of a surprise. Then the doctor looked over the curtain and said congrats it's a BOY!!! Danielle and Kyle were in SHOCK."

Rather than call their family and tell them, the couple decided to have a little fun with their big announcement. First, they let their new son's nana discover the surprise for herself while changing his diaper.


Watch the whole adorable video here.

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