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    This Baby Horse Was Born With A Patch Of Hair That Looks Like His Twin

    Da Vinci is a work of art.

    Meet Da Vinci, a foal born in May.

    Ceri Oakes /

    The adorable horse is getting a ton of attention online for his patch of hair that looks exactly like a miniature version of himself.

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    The horse was born at a small school in England called Fyling Hall School. The school has a riding program available for its students.

    Wendy Bulmer, who owns the riding school, told the Whitby Gazette that "Vinny" was a happy accident.

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    "I bought his mother at a sale and didn’t know she was in foal so that was a bit of a surprise," she said. "And I wasn’t very happy at first but he is so friendly and the kids love him."

    Bulmer said that while plenty of horses have patches, Vinny's is unique for its clear shape.

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    BuzzFeed News has contacted the school for comment.